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How to create customer experience programs that impact business with Centriam

By Jakub Jez on January 22, 2019

In my role, I get to talk with marketing and customer experience leaders across industries who work in organizations of all sizes. While each leader is focused on solving their organization’s unique problems, they all agree that competing on customer experience (CX) is a key priority— because when their customers have a good experience, their business directly benefits.

Despite this, it can be difficult for marketing and CX leaders to get access to the right data and insights to truly understand their customers, determine which customer experience initiatives to undertake, and assess the impact (i.e. revenue) that initiatives have on the business. Plus, the need for numerous pieces of expensive technology to run and measure customer experience programs is overwhelming.

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A solution to solve your customer experience challenges

These challenges sum up why we created Centriam, a platform that empowers organizations to use data insights to improve customer experience and measure the business impact of customer programs. Pulling from our expertise in data analytics and our passion for helping organizations use data to build better customer relationships, Centriam helps organizations understand their customers, create programs to improve their experience, and measure the impact of these programs on their business.

If these challenges resonate with you, Centriam can help you:

  1. Bring all of your customer data into one place

    To understand your customers, you need data from many places. Depending on your business, you may need behavioral, transactional, call center, loyalty, and survey data. With Centriam, you can import data from whichever sources you choose to get a holistic view of each customer. Use this view to easily segment customers by any criteria and make informed decisions on which action you should take next to improve their experience.

  2. Create programs to improve customer experience

    Use the data you brought into Centriam to create and manage customer programs tailored to your business needs. You may want to:  

    • Collect targeted feedback at specific customer touchpoints, and prioritize who to follow up with based on a combination of feedback sentiment and customer value
    • Use customer segmentation and behavioral data to determine the next best action for each customer (e.g., upsell versus retention offer)
    • Combine feedback, customer, and operational data to identify a change that needs to be made to internal processes to improve customer satisfaction

    The flexibility of Centriam allows you to scale your efforts as you grow and create programs that impact your business. It also enables you to push data from Centriam to technologies used across your organization, including your CRM.

  3. Track customer behavior and measure the business impact of programs

    With all of your data in one place, you can track how your efforts influenced customer behavior and measure whether they impacted your business objectives. For example, did reaching out to your high value customers who left negative feedback result in higher retention rates? Did sending a series of promotional messages to customers with high upsell opportunity result in more revenue? Did changing the store layout lead to higher satisfaction and more sales? Centriam’s flexible dashboards enable you to get the data insights you need to justify your customer experience investments.

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Powerful technology backed by data and analytics expertise

If you’re reading this and think you could benefit from Centriam, but your data is too disorganized or you don’t have the internal analytics expertise to drill down to the needed data insights to run your programs effectively, you’re not alone. We hear this a lot, and have a team of data and analytics experts who are eager to work with you to set you up for success with Centriam.

If you're interested in learning how you can use Centriam to help shape a customer experience that creates real value for your organization, send us a message or call us at 888-688-2346.

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Author: Jakub Jez

Jakub Jez is the founder and CEO of Centriam, where he is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company. Jakub’s experience in the customer analytics space led him to identify a need for a platform that enables companies to make more data-driven decisions that result in better customer experiences, all through technology that’s intuitive enough for anyone to use.
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