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Getting started with Centriam: The IT email

By Ian Sherman on October 25, 2018

So you’ve decided to get going with a data driven Customer Experience program. Now what?

Historically, it would have taken many steps, involving several internal and external individuals, months of meetings, emails, signatures, and headaches. With Centriam, you can go from a list of customers to live closed-loop transactional NPS surveys in less than one day. All it takes is an email to your IT department.

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With Centriam, you can go from a list of customers to live closed-loop transactional NPS surveys in less than one day

Let’s say you’re a community bank or credit union, and you want to survey your customers who recently opened an account. You know that proactively gathering feedback on the account-opening process will give your team insight into the health of your customer experience and provide an opportunity to close the loop and quickly address any issues that customers may have.

All you need to get started with Centriam is a list of customers who recently opened accounts, but where do you get such a list? Your IT department very likely has access to all the data you need, but you’ll have to craft a request to make it easy for them to pull it for you. To make the process as smooth as possible, your request should be brief and specific and should include a few important points.

  1. A clear request for the type of file you need, e.g. a CSV (comma-separated values) file
  2. Precise definitions of which customers should be included, e.g. all the customers who opened savings or checking accounts in the past 30 days
  3. A list of the columns to include in the file
  4. A brief description of how you plan to use the data

How to Get Started with CX in Community Banking

For example, if I were to write this email, it would look something like this:

Good morning Mike,

I’m building a Customer Experience program to monitor and improve our account-opening process. To support this initiative, I need to survey customers who have recently opened savings and checking accounts. To get started, would it be possible to pull together a CSV of everyone who has opened an account in the past 30 days, since October 1?

It would be great if the CSV could include the following columns:

  1. Customer ID
  2. Account ID
  3. Customer Name
  4. Customer Email
  5. New Account Open Date
  6. New Account Value
  7. Customer Tenure (date of first account open)
  8. Number of Accounts
  9. Total Account Value

Fields 6 through 10 aren’t as critical as 1 through 5, so let me know if they’re difficult to pull, and we can do without them to start. Also, if a customer has opened more than one account in the past 30 days, could you only include their most recent account? We just want to make sure we don’t send duplicate surveys.

This first file will help us get started, but we will likely want this list every month or even every week in the future, so when you’re building your queries, could you please set them up in a way to makes it easy to re-run?

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s any other customer-level information you think could be useful and that would be easy to add (e.g. customer segments, demographics, etc.).

Thank you very much for your help!


Seek help from your IT department for a list of new acounts

An email like this will provide your IT partners with all the information they need to provide you with the data to get started. The columns in the data source will give you what you need to send out surveys and gather feedback, and the customer-specific information (e.g. customer tenure and number of accounts) will allow you to tie the feedback to customer behavior and generate deeper insights. Once you have your CSV file, you can load it into Centriam, quickly build out your survey and email template, and start sending out surveys!

A well-crafted request to IT can help jump-start your Customer Experience program. Go ahead and copy-and-paste the email above right now to get started!


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Author: Ian Sherman

Ian helps Centriam’s clients ground their decision making in data and analytics. Ian has over 10 years of experience in advanced analytic techniques to turn data into insight and action. Prior to Centriam, Ian led the Marketing Analytics function at G&K Services where he identified and quantified untapped opportunities in customer experience, product penetration, and pricing. Ian also has experience working with diverse organizations including travel & hospitality, retail, manufacturing, telecom, and healthcare. Ian holds a B.S. in physics from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.B.A. from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.
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