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Introducing Centriam, customer experience software that levels the playing field.

By Jakub Jez on June 13, 2018

We founded Centriam with a simple vision: help companies get more value out of data to become more customer centric. I strongly believe that organizations who put effort into understanding customer behavior and act on those insights will have a tremendous competitive advantage over the long run. So our goal has always been to develop tools and solutions that drive a customer-centric culture and enable companies to build deeper customer relationships to improve customer experience.

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Centriam Customer Experience Software

Over the last several years, customer experience has become a hot topic for many brands. If your company is selling products or services to consumers, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate on price, quality, or product/service selection. Customer experience is increasingly becoming the primary source of competitive advantage. So if you’re a CEO, regardless of your company size, one of your primary strategic goals must be to find the most influential drivers of customer experience and invest in the areas that have the most impact on long-term customer loyalty.

While the desire to identify the drivers of customer experience has been around for a long time, the technology to help companies find the answers and effectively manage customer experience efforts has not. Historically, customer experience management (CXM) tools, as this type of technology is often called, have primarily been accessible to big brands with big budgets because of their high costs. Companies with CXM tools often spend several hundred thousand dollars per year on licensing fees for capabilities that often do little more than traditional survey tools. These high costs are primarily driven by the fact that everything has to be custom built by the CXM vendor.

 What if:

  • Your company has identified improving customer experience as one of its top strategic priorities, but you don’t have the budget or resources of a Fortune 500 company?
  • You actually want more than a survey tool with a traditional ticketing system to manage customer complaints?
  • You want a powerful CXM tool that doesn’t break the bank, doesn’t take forever to setup and deploy, and is built around customer analytics to help you more intelligently manage your customer experience efforts?

If your answers to the first two questions are ‘yes, that’s us’ and the third one is ‘yes, that’s what we want,’ then we have a solution for you. Today, we are launching our flagship product to make it significantly easier for companies of any size to better and more effortlessly manage customer experience efforts. Here are some of the reasons why we decided to build Centriam:

  1. Level the playing field by building a product that companies of any size and budget can use to run a world-class data-driven customer experience program.
  2. Develop the most flexible and easy-to-use customer experience platform with advanced features available right out of a box that allows organizations to launch their programs in days versus months.
  3. As a data intelligence company, we built a product that goes beyond a simple feedback collection or ticketing system. Our goal was to build a system of insights and engagement that utilizes customer analytics to collect highly targeted feedback from the most important moments in a customer journey, enable targeted and personalized customer experience programs that customers like, and measure which programs have the highest impact on customer loyalty and revenue.

At Centriam, we believe that customer analytics is one of the most important components of the customer experience toolkit. Embedding behavioral insights into customer feedback collection, feedback analysis, customer follow-up program execution, and customer experience measurement efforts is critical to build a program that drives results. Companies that are serious about investing in customer experience need to have a technology in place that:

  1. Continuously monitors customer behavior to detect patterns and specific actions.
  2. Engages with customers to seek feedback from the right customers at the right time based on the identified patterns and actions.
  3. Connects feedback insights with behavioral insights to determine the right course of action for each customer.

Further, the right customer experience system needs to be more than just an intelligent feedback collection platform.  It also needs to enable companies to:

  • Follow up with customers in a personalized manner across any channel.
  • Run both inbound and outbound programs.
  • Distribute customer insights across the organization to drive customer-centric culture.
  • Accurately quantify the impact of different programs on the bottom line.

It needs to be an all-in-one system powered by the customer, and that is exactly what Centriam is.

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We built Centriam for companies just starting out with their customer experience journey, as well as for those that are already well on their way. Centriam enables you to better connect with customers, collect insightful and actionable information about what moments matter the most in the customer journey, help drive a customer-centric mindset across your entire organization, and lead to increased customer loyalty and sales.   

We would love for you to give Centriam a try by signing up for a 30-day free trial with no strings attached. Please let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want to discuss customer experience strategy for your organization. We’re here to help!


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Author: Jakub Jez

Jakub Jez is the founder and CEO of Centriam, where he is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company. Jakub’s experience in the customer analytics space led him to identify a need for a platform that enables companies to make more data-driven decisions that result in better customer experiences, all through technology that’s intuitive enough for anyone to use.
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