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Build a data-driven CX program without IT: A Centriam story

By Joe Novak on October 10, 2018

Maggie had a problem. In addition to her "day job" as marketing director for a regional telecom, she had been assigned a pilot project to gather more customer experience data. She knew she could send out more surveys but was wary if that would have any lasting impact. After all, had her company made any changes after five years of reviewing the annual customer satisfaction survey?

To make an impact (and impress her boss!), she would need to do more than simply send out more surveys. After a bit of research, she thought focusing on product installations would be a good bet. Maggie knew that a customer with a bad installation was much more likely to leave her company in the first year. Now she had a battle plan: detect customers who suffered from a poor installation experience and do something about it.

Focus customer service surveys to get better results

Then Maggie hit her first roadblock: moving data across systems. She would need to get installations from a ticketing system and send them to a survey system. Then the response data would need to go to two more systems: a CRM so that customers with a poor experience could receive follow up, as well as a reporting system. Suddenly, her simple pilot project was going to require extensive technical support. Support she did not have.

 Not far behind, Maggie hit her second roadblock: budget. After introductory, scoping, demonstration, and pitch calls with two vendors, she was confronted by a big price tag. Her "simple" pilot would cost over $200K in the first year, close to ten times her budget!

 Maggie had invested over 50 hours into her research. She was simultaneously gaining confidence in her idea of focusing on installations, while becoming increasingly pessimistic about her ability to launch her idea. After dinner one night, armed with a glass of pinot noir and her iPad, Maggie searched for another option. That’s when she found an alternative: Centriam.

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Centriam first plowed through her data roadblock. Centriam was architected with customer data in mind. This meant built-in features solved her data problem:

Data from customer feedback can be collected without IT help
  • Maggie used the drag and drop file upload feature to load data into the platform. She simply had to export the weekly installation report from her ticketing system. Every week, she dragged in a new report and the platform appended the new records and updated any old records that had changed. It was easy and took less than 15 minutes each Monday.
  • Next, Maggie set up a “close the loop” campaign within Centriam. This allowed her to follow up with unsatisfied customers without having to integrate with her existing CRM tool. Maggie was able to use Centriam’s rules engine to create simple recommended offers based on whether the customers had TV, broadband, or both products.
  • Finally, Maggie analyzed the data. Her original plan required her to combine the survey responses with other customer characteristics, like installation time and days until install. Fortunately, the Centriam platform automatically combined the customer characteristics with their survey responses. Maggie exported this file into Excel, her favorite analysis tool, and quickly created the pivot tables and graphs she needed to show her boss.

Centriam was architected with customer feedback data in mind. This means built-in features can solve your most complex CX data problems. [Click to Tweet!]

None of this would have been possible unless Centriam also removed her budget roadblock:

  • Maggie decided to set up the program herself. That might seem daunting, but in reality, it took less than six hours. In that time, Maggie uploaded her data source, constructed her survey, penned the email invite, created the closed loop campaign and built out her offer rules. She did run into a question about the automated driver reporting, but that was resolved in minutes through online chat.
  • With transparent pricing, Maggie was confident she would come in under budget for her pilot project. A quick call into Centriam confirmed all the features she needed were available in the Professional version of the platform.

New call-to-action

 So how did things turn out for Maggie’s customer experience pilot? Great! After six months, a few hundred customers had received “close the loop” installation follow ups. Maggie could already see clear retention differences in her follow-up group. (And since Maggie used the control group feature in the platform, she had rock solid measurement to back up her observations.) Maggie and her boss are talking about how to expand the program. Customer repairs are an obvious extension, but they are also thinking about the contact center, and maybe hiring a customer experience coordinator.

Centriam was built with the vision of making a data-driven customer experience platform available to everyone. It should be easy to ask your customers about their experiences, act on the customers most likely to benefit from follow up, and assess the impact of your customer experience program over time. If you face Maggie’s challenges, let Centriam make her story come true in your organization.

Data can drive customer experience improvements

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Author: Joe Novak

Joe is committed to improving the ability of Centriam’s clients to act upon data and insights. Joe brings diverse experience utilizing data and advanced analytics to improve performance across many industries. Prior to Centriam, Joe managed risk for multiple credit card and auto loan portfolios at US Bank. Joe also worked in marketing analytics at Target and survey analytics for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Joe holds a B.A. in mathematics and computer science from Macalester College and an M.S. in applied mathematics from the University of Colorado.
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